Danielle's Big Adventure

It May Not Be Fair, But It Definitely Won't Be Boring

Shangri-La and Lows

My husband looks most boyish in the early morning hours when we're drinking coffee together, discussing the day's news and lamenting the latest presidential tweeting fiasco.  His disheveled light brown hair, which appears to be in disagreement over which way the wind... Continue Reading →

Mama’s Got a Brand New Bag

No one would describe me as a fashion trend setter or even much of a trend follower.  I am especially resistant to the idea of spending more than $50 on handbags or shoes, so I'm almost not even considered a full-fledged woman.  I... Continue Reading →

In Defense of the Semi-Oblivious Existence

All of us humans, at least those of us who value being functional, must figure out how to cope with our reality, which, if we all widened our aperture enough, is oftentimes utterly intolerable and soul crushing.  How can we live in... Continue Reading →

Final Thoughts on 2016: Dear Tumors, Kindly Pack Up and Leave

I hereby join the chorus of brothers and sisters, joining arms across this great country and around the world desperately pleading for 2016 to just go the f*@k away.  Unfortunately, much of what it's brought and taken away will continue to haunt us,... Continue Reading →

I Wish My Cancer Had a Sex Tape

It seems so easy these days to rise from utter obscurity to the star stratosphere with world-over name recognition and all the multi-million dollar deals that follow. All one needs, according to my scientific assessment, is a sex tape, a disproportionately... Continue Reading →

In Lieu of Flowers

It's a phrase that litters the obituaries section in every hometown newspaper: "In lieu of flowers, please send a donation to Do-Gooder Charity in poor dead Jane or John Doe's name."   But what if you didn't have to wait until you're dead... Continue Reading →

Alternative Medicine

I've long believed that western medicine, despite all of its wondrous advances and inspiration for TV melodramas featuring heartthrob doctors, does not hold all the answers.  There are countless alternative therapies out there incorporating eastern traditions, nutrition-based healing, and, yes, a variety... Continue Reading →

Things Never Imagined

It's safe to say I never imagined a stage IV cancer diagnosis at age 36.  I certainly never could have imagined cancer of the bile ducts--or cholangiocarcinoma--largely because I'd never heard of "bile ducts" before this.  But that's just the... Continue Reading →

Adventure Awaits: The Diagnosis

The doctor called just as I was weighing whether to go for a run or continue to work through lunch.  I was at my desk in my firm's "open office"--the kind with no cubicles or dividers.  The kind that hinders concentration and that's particularly unfortunate... Continue Reading →

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