I’m a 30-something, Army-strong wife, stepmom, attorney and writer who just really wanted to get in on the cancer-blogging craze, so I negotiated for a great deal on a case of cholangiocarcinoma–or by its more pronounceable nom de guerre, cancer of the bile ducts.  Why go viral when you can go full-on stage IV cancer?  I just hope all the major drug companies I’m now helping to enrich will come running to help monetize my blog.  Then all of this might make a little bit more sense…or at least some cents (kudos to my dad for handing down the pun gene).

Okay, the real reason I chose to write about my adventure with cancer is to help find clarity, strength, comfort or maybe even a cure (?!) for myself, my family and friends and anyone out there who may be dealing with this rare cancer or any cancer diagnosis.  Cancer is scary.  It sucks.  And, in my case, it calls for a fair amount of potty mouth and off-color humor.  So, please, if you offend easily, consider seeking out another milder, gentler cancer blog.  My credit line at the potty mouth bank shot way up the moment I received my diagnosis, and I intend to have a bit of a spending spree.

Addendum: I will use limited censorship going forward in light of my new, young and impressionable followers who may not be on the truck driver career path. 

Peace, love, and f*ck cancer!